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The moral reflection of patriotism is likely to be shown in military. This is the sphere where duty and oath become solid and the strength of it will protect us from exterior threats both mentally and physically. Indeed, this is the first and foremost reason for everyone of us to give our honour for those who have put their lives and shield our nation from outer dangers.
The following materials are dedicated to the alumni of Jizzakh higher military aviation school who died during the air-combat operations:

Azizbek Tashmatov

Azizbek Tashmatov was born on 9th of September, 1973 in Asaka, Andijan. He died on 12th of september in 1996 during the solo-practical flight. He is referred as highly intelligent, straightforward and kind among his friends.

Captain Zafar Boymurodov

Zafar Boymurodov was born on 11th of September, 1986 in Jizzakh city, Jizzakh. He graduated from JHMAS in 2009.
Captain Boymurodov died on 18th of October, 2016 during the special operation in the mountainous region (instrumental flight). He was flying the helicopter Mi-171 that was ferrying the troops when it ploughed into the earth.

Sen. Lieutenant Shermuhammad Ashirov

Shermuhammad Ashirov was born on 23rd of January, 1975 in Yangiyul, Tashkent. He is one of the first-year graduate of the JHMAS.
Sen. Lieutenant Ashirov died during the special operation that took place in Surkhandarya region. A group of terrorists crosses the Afghan-Uzbek border and intends to organize terroristic acts in the region. Because of this reason, by then young and skilled Ashirov’s crew were given the order to liquidate this group. The crew of the MI-8 helicopter detects the location of the terrorists and launches missiles and drops bombs. The end: liquidation of the enemy force. Unfortunately, the helicopter engine was shot by the enemy fire during this very battle and as a result of this the engine goes off. Sen. Lieutenant Ashirov dies while trying to land the heavily damaged helicopter. He was honored by the Government and the nation with the “2-darajali Shon-Sharaf” medal.

lieutenant Maksim Otrichenko

Maksim Otrichenko was born 24th of March, 1983 in Chirchiq, Tashkent region. He graduated from JHMAS in 2005.
During the practical flights in Chirchiq, the helicopter MI-24 became out of maneuver because of the technical drawback and the pilot-operator lieutenant Otrichenko turned the helicopter out of the city which might have caused several damages otherwise. He saved hundreds of lives by doing so and the crew members included. However he could not get out of the helicopter himself and died when it landed.

Lieutenant colonel Sergey Xarlamov

Sergey Xarlamov was born on 29th of June, 1976 in Ulan-Bator. He graduated from JHMAS in 1997.
He was known because of his well-developed flying skills, highly moral and intellectual value and these were the reasons for him to be the first commander of the air force unit among his contemporaries. Lieutenant colonel Sergey Xarlamov – commander of the military unit № 23522 had been honored and awarded the medal of “Jasorat” for his efforts in this field.
He died in the morning of 22nd of July, 2009 while conducting practical flight mission. The helicopter MI-24 had an accident because of system malfunctioning and crashed the earth.

Captain Jahongir Togayev

The alumnus of JHMAS (1999y) and further chief crew engineer of the military unit № 23522, Captain Togayev Jahongir Ruziyevich was born on 16th of August, 1978 in Jarqurgan, Surkhandarya.
Because of the engine malfunctioning occurred on the Helicopter MI-24 during the flight mission at aerodrome Chirchiq on 22nd of July, 2009 at 09:05, he got into accident and died. Kindness, pride and hard-working ability were among his regarded features as well as genuine patriotism that showed his true sentiments.

Lieutenant colonel Samandar Kenjayev

Lieutenant colonel Kenjayev Samandar Zarifovich was born on 30th of May, 1980 in Romitan district, Bukhara and graduated from JHMAS in 2002 and The Academy of Armed forces in 2012.
The senior teacher of the department of the air force tactics of the higher military aviation school lieutenant colonel Kenjayev was conducting practical flight on the airplane L-39 and got into accident due to the reason of engine malfunctioning which ended with the irrelevant death.

Sen. Lieutenant Farruh Adilov

Farruh Adilov, further crew engineer, was born on 1st of May 1990 and graduated from JHMAS in 2013.
By 2016 senior crew engineer senior lieutenant Adilov was taking part with his crew members in the practical flights in mountainous area of Ferghana valley when the helicopter MI-171 ploughed into the rocks because of the rough meteorological conditions.