The chair of the aviation equipments

Avionic department prepare the different kind of aircraft pilot and  high quality engeeners (serviceman). avionic department has classrooms, labaratories for cunducting theoretical and practical training course, also the training placement of aircraft for developing practical scills. classrooms and labaratories equiped by electrical system, instruments, automatic systems,  oxygen and flight recorders of aircraft

Theoretical knowledge’s are given for cadets in the aviation equipment department’s classroom

Training place of avionic department for cunducting  to practical class

Cadets carry out maintenance and technical inspection of the aircraft Yak 52  on  training place by teachers of aviation equipment department.

During practical training, 4-th grade cadets takes practical knowledge about the proceed of maintenance on the electrical power unit

Secret of practical maintenance has been opened to 5th  grade cadets of the engineering at the Hanabad air force base

At the training place cadets are introduced with placement of avionics on the aircraft

In laboratory of avionic cadets of 5th grade is given  experience of working on the test instruments and small repairing of equipment.

Cadets and teachers participate in  the training course organized by engineer from  air force base

Cadets are learning the avionic systems test device

Instructor is given  a help to cadets for tighten their theoretical knowledge’s to practice skills.

Features of preflight inspection of the helicopter is shown to the technical branch cadets