Groups and sections

17 circles are formed including cadets and pupils from public schools in order to develop knowledge and scientific skills of cadets of Higher Military Aviation School

The circle “Aviamodeler” of flight-methodical department and aerodynamics and flight dynamics chair

The circle “Military skills” of Tactics and special subjects chair

The circle “Modeler of engine” of the structure and usage of aircraft engine chair

The circle “Rocket of modeler” of Aviation weapons chair

The circle “Young electromechanic” of aviation equipment chair

The circle “Young radio amateur” of aviation radioelectronical equipment chair

The circles “English speaking club”, “About Russian” of Languages chair

The circle “Perfect men” of social and economical and humanitarian sciences chair

The circles “Hand fight” and “Athletics” of PH and sport chair

The circle “Martial management” of Air traffic control and air navigation chair

The circles “Mathematics and Physics” of natural-scientific sciences chair

  The circles “Chemistry and Mechanics” of general technic science chair

The circle “Young musician” of educational and spiritual affairs department

The circle “The programmer” of information technology department.