The museum of the higher military aviation school of the republic of Uzbekistan was established by Defense Minister General Major Kurbanov Bakhodir Nizomovich on 1st September in 2019.

The Museum consists of the following conceptual departments:

The first department describes the history of aviation, the very first flight of an aircraft, the development of the sphere, initial usage of an aircraft for combat purposes as well as the first Uzbek pilots’ biographies.

The history of the higher military aviation school and accomplishments of it can be shown in the second department.

The third department is dedicated to the futuristic views of the airdromes where there are some examples of models which were created by the cadets of this establishment. There are some famous and perspective fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft models as well.         

The first department – aviation history
The first department –aviation history and the first flight of humankind
Corner of A.A. Taymetov – the Uzbek award for heroism holder
The central part of the museum, history of HMAS of the republic of Uzbekistan
Central side – history of HMAS and military cooperation
Third department – perspective of Uzbekistan Air Force
Third department –futuristic modernization of aerodromes and the aim to obtain the Cosmos