Dedicated to the thirtieth anniversary of independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan according to the plan of organizational, practical, cultural and educational activities as the main idea of the program under the motto “Let’s live freely and prosperously in a new Uzbekistan!” on July 30 this year in cooperation with the HMAS RU and the Academy of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Uzbekistan online spiritual-enlightenment conference named “My value – My priceless wealth ” taking into account the spiritual values of the regions, was held to educate the youth in the spirit of patriotic, national and mankind values, to improve values originated as the origin of our nation’s worldview and educational life such as kindness, love and dignity placed in our consciousness during the centuries.

The event was attended by the Doctor of Philosophy in History Saodat Murtozova, assistant Professor of Karshi Engineering and Economics Institute, Rashid Khasanov chief specialist of Kashkadarya Regional Museum of Culture and History, as well as representatives of folklore and makom, people’s bakhshi.