On the occasion of the 687th anniversary of the birth of Amir Temur, researching the role of great leader in the history of Uzbek statehood on the basis of scientific sources is becoming more relevant than ever.

The spiritual-educational event was organized on the occasion of Amir Temur’s birthday at the HMAS RU. Historical specialists of KSU: G. Karomov, R. Tukhtaeva participated with their lectures such as “State and military operating system in Amir Temur “sultanate”, “The personality of Amir Temur in the history of international affairs”.

Intellectual game consisting of questions based on the activity and personality of Amir Temur made a deep impression to cadets and their knowledge.

At the end of the event, the guests were very pleased with the performance of the artistic amateur team, which consisted of cadets of the Higher Military Aviation School.